Volunteering: In your words

Working with NCS in West Yorkshire - Michael Martin

Following the success of a trial led by regional staff last year we were thrilled that two volunteers from the West Yorkshire branch were happy to take on the project again this Summer. Thank you to Michael Martin and Geoff Lindsay for your involvement and creating such a worthwhile piece of work. Read what Campaigns Contact volunteer, Michael, had to say about this year's project...

"National Citizen Service - NCS - works with older school children to improve social cohesion, social mobility and social engagement - in their own words – 'by engaging young people in social action in their communities and the democratic process, building their understanding of their responsibilities as citizens'.

NCS work with Kirklees Council every summer together with various charities.  This year they ran projects with 600 students and 40 different charities.  Geoff and I represented the MND Association by working with an NCS team on a project which we called The Huddersfield Wheelchair Experience.  Our team was made up of fifteen 16 to 17 year-olds from various schools in Kirklees.  We worked with them over two weeks, during which time they created a guide which will help wheelchair users have a good experience when visiting Huddersfield – for example highlighting good places to eat and drink, and with appropriate facilities for disabled people.  They also raised over £500 for the MND Association through various activities - e.g. a bake-in, car-washing, a midnight walk, and a Just Giving page.

The team was really enthusiastic and did much to raise awareness of MND and the difficulties faced by those living with the disease amongst themselves, their friends and their families.  Geoff and I were most impressed by the depth of research they did into MND and the energy they put into their project.  Particularly impressive was a Dragon’s Den event half way through the process where they had to bid for funding to execute their project.  Everyone in the team was suited and booted and presented to a board very eloquently and persuasively.  Our hope is that one or two of them will someday come back to the MND Association as volunteers."

Michael Martin, Campaigns Contact for West Yorkshire branch, pictured in the centre of the photo.

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