Working Together

Welcome to the ‘Working Together’ section of the Volunteer Zone.

Our volunteers and staff belong to one organisation reaching out to people wherever they live in England, Wales and Northern Ireland as outlined in our strategy. We risk reducing the reach of our work, and diluting our support, if we don’t take every opportunity to act as one organisation. It’s therefore important that we find the best ways to combine our skills, information and knowledge.

In this section you will find information about a variety of projects where staff and volunteers and working together, and also information about our regional delivery plans.

Volunteer Zone iconWorking Together on Projects

The following pages provide information on regional or national projects which involve both volunteers and staff.  Some of these project pages are password protected as they contain plans and reports for volunteer and staff use only.  Passwords will have been communicated to you separately.  If you require a password reminder, please contact the Volunteering Team on 0845 6044 150 or email

Project Butterfly

Data entry and recording project

Volunteer Zone iconRegional Delivery and Local Action Plans

The Regional Delivery Managers (RDMs) have put together their plans using a common format, a common approach and a common set of objectives. There is a single Regional Delivery Plan (RDP) and a set of Local Action Plans (LAP) for each Region.

Regional Delivery Plan

The regional delivery plan (RDP) is drawn from and contributes to the Association’s 2017-21 strategy. Progress against the RDP is monitored quarterly. You can access the plan here.

Local Action Plans

Click on your region to access the plans for your area: North, South, East, West.

Please do let the RDMs have your thoughts, ideas and suggestions:

North Region – Tracey Thompson, 07541 963528
South Region – Hilary Fairfield, 07923 590899
East Region – John Gillies-Wilkes, 07553 374392
West Region – Chris Bennett, 07702 335752

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