Local Action Plans – East region

The East Region is made up of three local delivery areas:

  • East of England (East Anglia, Hertfordshire and Essex)
  • Midlands (East and Central Midlands)
  • London

The Local Action Plans (LAPs) for these three areas within the region, outline some of the key areas of work that will be undertaken between now and 31 December 2019.

We want to work with everyone involved in, or who has an interest in the region, and would like to hear your thoughts, views or comments on the Local Action Plan for your area. View the plans here:

Get involved

  • Send in your thoughts, questions and ideas
  • Invite one of the team to attend a branch/group event or meeting
  • Come along to a Local Delivery Team meeting
  • Suggest a topic for a Regional Delivery Team meeting
  • Call, e-mail or text
  • Comment on the full plan or your local action plan

Get in touch

Contact: John Gillies-Wilkes, Regional Delivery Manager, 07553 374392

Last updated: 6 June 2017

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