Branch Charter

While each branch has a separate management committee, we are all part of one overall organisation with one charity number.

Our trustees delegate certain powers to branches to enable you to work effectively locally. The Branch Charter lays down the basics of what we expect in terms of legal requirement and good practice under charity law and what volunteers can expect from the Association. Every year, after your branch AGM, the branch management committee must sign up to the Branch Charter and forward a copy to the Volunteering Team.

We recognise that supporting people living with MND and their carers is often best carried out at a local level. Our branch and group network is absolutely key to helping us to deliver this.

The Branch Charter is intended to empower your branch to carry out the objectives of the Association effectively and with the full support of the Association, and to achieve consistency of service provision to people living with MND and their carers no matter where they live.

You can view a full copy of the Branch Charter by clicking here.

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