Brand Guidelines

It is important that the Association has a clear, consistent and distinctive look and feel to all of our information and materials. This is to ensure we are recognised as one organisation and that all communications, national and local, reflect this.

The Branch Charter and Group Charter include references to the use of our name, logo, charity number and other elements of corporate identity.

We can supply you with a range of resources, including headed notepaper, leaflets and fundraising supplies.

If you are planning to produce other materials for use by your branch or group, for example a newsletter, website, tickets for an event, or perhaps a poster, then it is important that you work within the guidelines on brand and house style. The guidelines also give valuable details on printing colours, typeface, and language to help you.

Please make your volunteering development coordinator (VDC), or the Volunteering Team, aware of what you are planning to produce, as we may have ready made templates and examples for you.

Please view our information sheet below for more guidance.

Brand guidelines

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