Complaints Procedure

The Association aims to provide a high quality service to our members and those using our services. We recognise that, like any organisation, we sometimes make mistakes and we actively encourage people to let us know of any problems they have experienced.

Branches and groups should follow the same complaints procedure as national office. In the first instance, a complaint should be directed to the branch chair/group leader, or alternatively the volunteering development co-ordinator.

If you yourself wish to make a complaint in your role as a volunteer, you should initially speak to your volunteering development co-ordinator and express your concerns. If you don’t feel your complaint has been addressed fully and you want to formally complain, this should be addressed to the Head of Volunteering, the Director of the relevant team or the Chief Executive. The Chief Executive has overall responsibility for ensuring complaints are dealt with effectively.

To view the full copy of our complaints policy and procedure click here

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