Hull Group signs new Group Charter

The Hull and East Yorkshire Group has recently welcomed four new volunteers, who met last month with the group’s existing volunteers as well as Sarah Milner, VDC, and Colin Pearson, RCDA, to talk about plans for moving forward.

The discussion was focussed around the new Group Charter, which highlights the objectives of a group and outlines mutual expectations, enabling the volunteers to identify who would carry out what role and discuss what they want to achieve over the coming months.

The enthusiasm and energy of the volunteers shone through at the meeting which ended with them signing the Group Charter – and being the first group to do so.

Andrew Hancock, who has been involved with the group for over 16 years said: “I thought the meeting was excellent. The Group Charter gives us a little bit more structure and I feel more confident with the whole set up.  Looking forward to the future so we can build on what we’ve done in the past.  We all have lots of new ideas.”

New volunteer, Therasa Edwards said: “My Grandfather had MND and passed away 15 years ago, our family have always been involved with the charity but felt like I wanted to help more.  I’m really happy to join a positive and encouraging team.”

If you have any questions about the Group Charter, please contact your VDC.

October 2015

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