Information Governance

Depending on your role, you may have access to personal information i.e. that relating to your members, supporters, or volunteers, as well as corporate information e.g. financial and accounting records.

Information is a vital asset to us as it is used on a daily basis to help us deliver our services. It is therefore extremely important to ensure that any personal information we hold about others is carefully kept and managed, and this includes what is held by the branches and groups.

Our Information Governance Policy sets out our policy for the governance of information within the organisation. It includes an overview of our approach to information governance; a guide to procedures in use; and details about our Information Governance management structures.

Training is available to ensure you and your branch/ group understand your responsibility within the Association for the information you hold and information you have access to. For example the branch/ group membership information which is accessed via the Information Exchange.

The training and its supporting policies and procedures will explain the framework needed, and the accountability of your branch/ group to manage the information you hold and collect.

To view a copy of the full Information Governance Policy please click below.

Information Governance Policy

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