Problem Solving Procedures

Volunteers are not covered by the same employment legislation as staff. To ensure volunteers are treated fairly and consistently our problem solving procedure helps to ensure where a concern arises in respect of a volunteer all involved know how it must be dealt with.

Concerns will be resolved openly, fairly and quickly to:
• Protect volunteers
• Demonstrate that our organisation respects all its volunteers
• Protect the reputation of the organisation.

Although rare, there are times when volunteers can be suspended immediately while an investigation is carried out. These include fraud; financial mismanagement; improper use of Association resources; breaches of health and safety law or charity law. It also includes behaviour contrary to Association policies, such as confidentiality.

If you have a concern relating to another volunteer, it is important that you bring it to the attention of your branch chair/group leader or your volunteering development co-ordinator.

For groups that do not have a committee structure, concerns regarding another volunteer, should be raised initially with your volunteering development co-ordinator, or the Head of Volunteering.

Our Problem Solving Procedure

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