Annual General Meetings (AGMs)

As a membership organisation we have a legal responsibility to hold an AGM and this includes our branches. AGMs are key events in our calendars and happen between February and April*. There are formal responsibilities to be completed such as presenting the accounts and electing the new committee.

Alongside this, the event offers a great opportunity to share and celebrate all you have achieved over the past year with your members and supporters and in particular to:

• say thank you to members and supporters
• raise awareness about MND and our work to wider audiences
• celebrate all of our achievements during the previous year, including fundraising and how the money raised has been spent.

The key to a successful AGM is in the planning. The earlier you start your planning the better, especially if you want to ensure the availability of a particular key speaker.

Groups are not required to hold AGMs, however you may want to use the date the group started as an annual time to hold a similar celebration with your members.  Read an example from the Lincolnshire Group. Also, please see our Group Agreement here.

*If you are an affiliate branch these timescales are not applicable.

The following guidance and resources will help you with planning and running your branch AGM.


Effective Branch AGMs

Branch AGM frequently asked questions

Requesting volunteer references

Forms/ Resources

Branch AGM template – an editable presentation that gives an overview of national impact, plus slides for you to add information about your activities etc

Quick AGM checklist

Example AGM agenda

Example AGM invite letter for members

Example AGM invite letter for supporters

Example AGM invite letter for people not involved

Example reply slip

Branch Agreement

Reference request form

Branch AGM examples

Making your AGM accessible for those who can’t attend – an example from West London and Middlesex Branch

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