Sharing your group’s successes at AGM time

All our branches and groups achieve so much each year and branch AGMs provide an opportunity to celebrate and share your successes locally, but what if you are a group?

It’s been a year since our Lincolnshire Branch became a group; and as the AGM season came closer they decided it would be a good idea to hold an AGM type of event.

Rob Biggs, Group Correspondent, said: “We thought it would be good for continuity.  It is the time of year when we can get everyone in the room together; out reach teams, health and social care professionals, the Mayor, people living with MND their families and carers and volunteers.  It is our opportunity to share and review what has happened over the past year, and most importantly it is giving people the opportunity to get together and have their say.”

The group’s event, which was held on 30 June, was well attended.  Following an overview of what the group is doing in the local area, Belinda Cupid, Head of Research, gave a talk about current research into MND.

If your group would like support with holding an event to celebrate what you have achieved and thank those that have been involved, contact your VDC.

July 2015

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