Awareness Raising

As an Association we are committed to doing everything we can to support people with MND, their families and carers. Nationally and locally we need to raise awareness and ensure that everyone diagnosed is aware of us and the services that we provide.

However, the overall care and quality of life for a person with MND does not just depend on us. We need to build relationships with those people and organisations who are also involved with the care and quality of life for people with MND and to work with them to influence standards of services provided.

Raising awareness locally of your branch/group and what you and the Association can offer is key to ensuring that people affected get referred to us and go on to receive the vital information and support they will need.

There are many ways your branch/group can raise awareness and most can be incorporated into the activities and events you do, or through the contacts you have.

For example:

• through a branch/group leaflet, which can be given out to local HSCPs/GPs/ care providers to ensure they are aware of you and can pass accurate information on
• giving short talks to local community or business groups which may encourage more sponsors and donors to give their time and/or money
• articles in the branch/group newsletter, website or social media page giving information on the work being done locally to help people living with MND.

Within this section there are many examples of what branches and groups have done to successfully raise their profile and awareness in their area and the positive influence this had for people living with MND.

Do have an initial discussion with your VDC to assess what your branch/group are currently doing to raise awareness and explore with them ideas on how to develop your activities further.


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