Effective Committee Meetings

As a volunteer you’ll become aware that all branches and groups hold committee meetings or planning meetings, all with differing times, dates and at different venues. According to the branch charter, a branch management committee needs to meet at least four times a year, for a group it’s less formal, they can choose to meet as often as they need, however, it is important that there is good regular communication between all those involved in the running of a group or a branch.

Preparing the agenda for committee meetings is usually the task of the secretary with the chair having final say about its content, but however, it is up to all involved to ensure meetings run effectively.

Some branches and groups may have a minute’s secretary who takes the minutes, ensuring they are accurate, all decisions are recorded and who is responsible for any actions agreed is clearly noted. Whoever is responsible for typing up the minutes should ensure that a copy is sent to the volunteering team at David Niven House.

The following information details good practice on how to run effective committee meetings such as guidance on facilitating discussion, data protection, location ideas for meetings, starting the meeting on time.


Effective Committee Meetings

A common sense guide to the Data Protection Act

Forms/ Resources

Example committee meeting agenda

Venue Safety Checklist

Top tips

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Attending a meeting you can’t attend – With time at a premium the Exeter and East Devon Branch have looked at ways for volunteers to attend meetings when they can’t physically attend!  Cynthia Hopkins, Branch Contact, tells us how.

What’s it all appbout? – Sarah Tucker, Group Leader of the South London Group, shares how the group use an app as a way of communicating and planning.

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