Attending a meeting when you can’t attend

With time at a premium the Exeter and East Devon Branch have looked at other ways for volunteers to attend meetings when they are unable to physically be there to ensure they don’t miss out.  Cynthia Hopkins, Branch Contact, shares their story.

“Sally Light, our Chief Executive, was invited to come along to a committee.  It transpired that one of our volunteers would be unable to attend as he was away babysitting.  I suggested that perhaps we explore the possibility of using Face Time (video calls over Wi-Fi from your iPhone or iPad).  He would then be part of the meeting, and able to ask questions if he wanted.

“It was tested out prior to the event with the Wi-Fi address of the secretary and the volunteer.   We then needed to get the password and Wi-Fi connection from where we were holding the meeting.

“This worked beautifully, and was extremely beneficial.  We would not want to do it this way all the time, but it was a great next best thing to being there.”

January 2016

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