Make organising meetings a Doodle

Emma Wilson, Secretary for the West London and Middlesex Branch, provides a top tip for organising meetings and events.

“It often feels like the most difficult thing about being a branch secretary is finding dates that suit all our volunteers’ busy lifestyles!  Organising committee meetings, open meetings and fundraising events that everyone can make can prove tricky and trawling through emails or text messages to try and remember who said they’re available on what date can be a complete nightmare.

“Our absolute saviour is the ‘easy scheduling’ website called Doodle.  This free website allows you to select multiple proposed dates and/or times for your event and then gives you a link.  I then email this link to my fellow committee members.  When they click on the link it takes them to an easy to read table with all the proposed dates in and they simply enter their name and tick all the dates or times they can make!

“I get an email alert when someone responds and once everyone has filled in their options it gives you one easy-to-comprehend page of who can make when – so you’re not desperately trying to find that stick-it note you wrote the treasurer’s holiday dates on!  If you don’t use it already I cannot recommend it enough.”

January 2016


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