What’s it all appbout

Sarah Tucker, Group Leader of the South London Group, shares how the group use WhatsApp as a way of communication and planning.

“The South London Group is made up of 8-10 volunteers who meet every two to three months to plan our open meetings, fundraising activities, and the months ahead.

“As we all work full-time, sometimes it can be a challenge to coordinate the diaries of the busy people in our group.  However we have found a few things which help us.  As we all use smart phones we created an “MNDA” group on WhatsApp.  WhatsApp is mobile messaging application which allows you to exchange messages, images and videos for free.  It is available on all phone operating systems so no matter what system you use you can all talk with each other.

“Our WhatsApp group means we can quickly contact the whole group with updates and it is more flexible than email, particularly when on the move.  When we are at an event we can share photos which can then be used for our Twitter and Facebook channels, so followers can see what the group is up to in real time.”

January 2016

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