Increasing donations with minimal effort

Roger Leek, Group Leader of the Birmingham and Solihull Group, shares with us one of his top tips for increasing donations with minimal effort.

“Some years ago we learned that families do at times decide on “no flowers – donations to charity” when organising a funeral, without nominating any particular charity, sometimes even leaving that choice to the funeral directors discretion.

“Some funeral directors may have a favourite charity but many do not.  They do however note charities in their area and nationally that respond proactively and professionally; they look favourably on those charities that provide acknowledgement of the donation including the amount received and any references (usually the name of the deceased), as well as a thank you communication to be forwarded to the donor.

“Every year or two we send a correspondence to all the funeral directors in our area, including information about the Association and a group leaflet, detailing where any donations can be sent.  We emphasise that we are the local group of a national registered charity.

“On average we receive one donation a month, last year totalling around £2,500. Not a huge amount but its steady, regular income and “every little helps.”

January 2016

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