Online buddies in the north west

Hal is living with MND and has been volunteering with the Cheshire Branch for just less than 10 years.  He has a wealth of experience and has brought the branch on leaps and bounds with their online presence; he is an all round digital guru.

Luke joined the Wirral Group in July this year after hearing about the role from the Group Contact, Debbie Williams.  He is only 19 but has great knowledge about marketing and promotion, and has an understanding of social media platforms, which are the makings of a great social media officer.

In order to help Luke settle into his role and learn about the Association and MND Jo Cunnah, VDC, identified that Hal would be a perfect online buddy, and happily he agreed to help.  Hal said: “I do think it is important to share experiences as this can spark off ideas in developing individual ideas”.

Jo added: “It is a pleasure to have Luke as part of the Wirral Group and I am delighted that Hal has agreed to be a buddy while Luke gets to grips with the role.  Hal’s vast experience and Luke’s energy are already proving to be a perfect match and it is great to see Luke developing a strong social media presence for the group.

“This is a wonderful example of volunteers supporting each other and I would like to thank Hal and Luke for their commitment and support”.

Do you have some skills/ experience that you would like to share, or are you in need of some new skills or would you like to bounce ideas off someone doing a similar role?  Contact your VDC.

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