Working together in the west country

In April 2015, three West Country branch and group chairs and leaders came together to share knowledge, develop common priorities and provide support to each other.

Alison Aviss, North Wilts Group Leader said: “I value the opportunity to meet and share experiences with my local colleagues and we find that we are all facing the same issues and three heads are better than one!”

Andrew Grundy, Bristol and Bath Group Leader explains: “This seems a logical step to ensure that we share the skills and knowledge available in the groups and branches across the organisation to support people with MND in the best way possible.”

“MND doesn’t stick to geographical boundaries, so we want to make sure we don’t either.  The forum enables us to know the neighbours, share problems and solutions and keep the common goal of supporting people with MND irrespective of where they live” said Jean Waters, Gloucestershire Branch Chair.

Alison, Andrew and Jean are now aiming to meet four times a year.  Jo Campbell, VDC for South West and Thames Valley explains: “This forum allows branches and groups to understand, participate and contribute to the Southern Team’s strategy and share good practice”.

If you would like to meet up with your neighbouring branches and groups to share experiences, contact your VDC.

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