Volunteer Recruitment

Ideally, recruitment should be made an every-day part of your branch/groups ongoing activities. Think of ‘recruitment’ as continually developing ways you can involve new and more people in all your activities. Even if you do not think you need more volunteers at the moment, doing this all the time can avoid the panic stage when you do.

The simplest and most direct way of getting people involved is the personal ‘ask’.

Encourage the members of your branch/group to be ‘volunteer magnets’, to be welcoming and engaging to those they come across at branch/group activities. If people are shy of offering help then by asking simple questions such as what a persons skills are or what they enjoy doing may lead to new and imaginative ways of getting people involved. If people start out doing something that’s interesting to them, or something they feel confident in, they may go on to do more for you.

Don’t forget you are in touch with one group of people who may be very happy to be involved but who frequently don’t get asked; people with MND themselves.

Plan ahead and include recruitment in your branch or group review every time, that way you can discuss with your VDC what the teams needs are and what advice or help we can provide.

The following guidance and resources will help you with your local recruitment.

Guidance for recruiting volunteers for your branch or group

Recruiting volunteers – introduction

Recruiting volunteers – ask

Recruiting volunteers – using local media

Recruiting volunteers – using posters

Recruiting volunteers – using social media

Recruiting volunteers – using your newsletter

Recruiting volunteers – using your website

Recruiting volunteers – other places to try

Recruiting volunteers – role descriptions

Recruiting volunteers – complete guide (all the above guidance in one document)

Guidance for recruiting Association Visitors (AVs)

Recruiting AVs – introduction

Recruiting AVs – ask

Recruiting AVs – using your newsletter

Recruiting AVs – using your website

Recruiting AVs – using social media

Recruiting AVs – using posters, leaflets and flyers

Recruiting AVs – using local media

Recruiting AVs – other methods

Recruiting AVs – recruitment presentation

Recruiting AVs – recruitment presentation script

Recruiting AVs – volunteer opportunity form sample

Recruiting AVs – brief for contacts

Recruiting AVs – enquiry form

Recruiting AVs – complete guide (all the above guidance in one document)

Stephen’s story – this is a short video (1 min 27 secs) featuring Stephen, an AV, who tells his story about why he became an AV and also reflects on his volunteering role.  You could use this on your website, social media or in presentations.

Guidance for recruiting a President or Patron

President/Patron role profile

Recruiting a President or Patron

President/Patron nomination guidance notes

President/Patron nomination form

President/Patron nomination form – Welsh version

Confidential disclosure form

Confidential disclosure form – Welsh version

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