Useful Information

This section of the website is designed for people directly affected by MND to share useful information.

This may be:

  • Tips and hints about the practical aspects of living with disease.
  • Experience about holidays or short breaks.
  • Information about equipment or technology.
  • Involvement with research or other projects

Please contact us; and pass on anything you would like us to publish. We may use the edited information in the newsletter or here on the website.                                                                                     

Do you know about the Benefits Advice Service? 0808 801 0620

This free service is open from 9.00am to 17.00pm Monday to Friday to answer questions from individuals and families affected by MND.

Support Grants

The money raised by us and others through fundraising and donations is used to support people affected by MND. We have guidelines for our financial Support Grants, but generally if we can help we will. For more information contact Olga 0114 2361179 , Jane 01142585235 or Brian Jackson. 07467242232

Take a look at: Euan’s Guide 
Euan’s Guide features disabled access reviews from disabled people and their friends and families “The aim of Euan’s Guide is to empower disabled people by providing information that will give confidence and choices for getting out and about.”  It might be information about hotels, restaurants or attractions. Guide books go out of date so quickly, so this website is really useful in sharing recent experiences from people  who have “been there, done it” and are happy to pass on what they’ve learned.

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