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One of the all-time great achievements.

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    Approx. 70km

  • Date

    various dates

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Its snow-capped summit rises high above the dusty African plains; huge permanent glaciers flow down from the summit, spectacular views and beautiful ice formations are the reward for pushing your limits both physically and mentally on this, the mightiest of charity challenges.

Event Details

This is a tough trek in the world of charity challenge events, which follows the beautiful Machame Route, approaching Kilimanjaro from the south. The route has been designed to allow gradual acclimatisation to the altitude, this gives you the best platform for summit success.

The trek takes you through dense tropical rainforest, moorland, and scree until you reach Uhuru Peak, the highest point. This is one of the most challenging charity treks at altitude, climbing one of the most impressive mountains in the world.

With exceptional support and care combined with highly trained leaders and medics, you will achieve and conquer the toughest of treks. On reaching the summit you will feel a sense of overwhelming achievement – a truly unforgettable charity challenge.



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    A running vest and/or T-shirt to raise awareness

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    A fundraising pack full of advice, tips and support and everything you'll need to get started

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    Regular emails with support, updates and extra fundraising tips

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If you have any questions about this event, or would like more information, please contact the Fundraising Team.

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