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Awareness Campaigns

We dedicate the month of June to raising awareness of MND and the work of the Association.


#MyEyesSay banner

If your eyes were all you could move, what would you say with them?

That’s the question we are asking for our current 2017 campaign – #MyEyesSay.

Throughout the month we’ll be sharing the experiences of Gemma and Dave who are living with the disease, and Vivienne, whose husband Tony died in 2016.

We also want you to get involved by taking a ‘selfie’ and sharing your message on what your eyes say. This will then become part of a collage on the #MyEyesSay website.

Visit the #MyEyesSay website

Shortened Stories

Awareness campaigns

For our 2016 campaign ‘Shortened Stories’ we worked with those affected by the disease, artists and filmmakers to bring to life three stories that have been or will be cut short by MND.

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Last Summer

Last Summer poster

Our 2015 campaign took a look back at the Ice Bucket Challenge of 2014 and the huge impact it had #LastSummer.

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Voice Campaign

Voice poster on London Underground
We chose the theme of Voice in 2014 because more than 80% of people living with MND will experience communication difficulties, having a significant impact on their quality of life and the people they love.

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Football v MND

Mark Maddox sitting in an empty stadium

Whilst this wasn’t a June Awareness Month campaign, Football v MND reached over 1.5 million football fans, helping to raise awareness of MND on a huge scale during the football season 2013/14.

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I Am Breathing

I Am Breathing banner
Our 2013 Awareness Month campaign featured the film I Am Breathing which tells the remarkable true story of Neil Platt, a young father who found out he was dying from MND just six months after the birth of his son Oscar.

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A Month for Optimism

Team Optimism lead our 2012 Awareness Month campaign, with each team member bringing something unique. This is the first time the Association had a month long campaign.

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Alistair the Optimist

Alistair the Optimist billboard poster

Alistair was the focus of our 2011 Incurable Optimism campaign. He used his passion for music to help raise awareness of MND.

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Patrick the Optimist

Patrick The Optimist Awareness Billboard Poster

Our Awareness Week in 2010, Incurable Optimism, featured father of three Patrick Joyce, an artist who was determined to use his work to help raise awareness of MND.

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Sarah’s Story

Sarah's story

Sarah’s Story was our 2009 campaign to raise awareness of MND. It featured Sarah Ezekiel who is living with MND.

This hard-hitting campaign conveyed the emotional impact of a diagnosis of MND.

The 90-second film was named as finalist at the Third Sector Excellence Awards 2010.

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