Team Optimism (2012)

In 2012, our Awareness Month campaign, Team Optimism, featured seven people living with MND who helped make June 2012 a month for optimism.

This was the first year we expanded our awareness week to cover the whole of June to create our first MND Awareness Month.

Here are their stories…

Team Optimism - Maria Maria Foreman
“I’m having a blast, life is for living, so live.”
Team Optimism - Liam Liam Dwyer
“Together we can be one strong force”
Team Optimism - Sarah Sarah Ezekiel
“I believe one day we will find a cure”
Team Optimism - John John Saunders
“Live life everyday as though it’s your last”
Team Optimism - Ashley Ashley Morgan
“Don’t sweat the small stuff, life is too short”
Team Optimism - Hilary Walklett Hilary Walklett
“…concentrate on what is good about your life”
Team Optimism - Alistair Alistair Banks
“MND may be incurable but I am an incurable optimist”

Awareness Month 2012

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