I Am Breathing (2013)

Our 2013 Awareness Month focused around a film called I Am Breathing.

I Am Breathing tells the remarkable true story of Neil Platt, a young father who found out he was dying from motor neurone disease just months after the birth of his son Oscar. Neil wanted to raise awareness of MND and this was the focus of his last few months.

I Am Breathing was launched with the UK premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, the day before MND Global Awareness Day (21 June).

We encouraged supporters to hold their own screenings of the film.

About I Am Breathing

Neil used the little time he had left to pursue two personal goals – to leave behind his words and a memory box for Oscar, and to raise awareness of the terminal disease that day by day was stripping him of his ability to walk, move and even breathe unaided.

He invited cameras into his Yorkshire home so that his last few months would be captured forever.

I Am Breathing is an intimate and moving portrayal of ‘the thin space between life and death’ as experienced by Neil, a husband and father who is both extraordinary and ordinary, his wife Louise, and their baby son.

We were privileged to be associated with the documentary.

We joined forces with the film makers, the Scottish Documentary Institute, and with Neil’s family to make sure this powerful story was shared as widely as possible following its release.

The film won the Best Director category at the British Academy Scotland Awards 2013.

Find out more about the film at the I Am Breathing official website.

Awareness Month 2013

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