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Alistair the Optimist (2011)

Alistair the Optimist billboard poster

Our 2011 Incurable Optimism campaign highlighted the amazing and positive spirit of the MND Association community and those affected by MND and how this spirit keeps us fighting the disease. We believe this spirit makes all of us incurable optimists. MND is incurable, but so is our optimism.

Patrick the Optimist, fronted our first Incurable Optimism campaign in 2010, and handed over the baton to Alistair Banks in 2011.

Alistair, a former teacher, was diagnosed with MND in 2010. At the time of the campaign he was married to Alice and had two children Freya, 3 and Finn, 7.

Just as Patrick was determined to spread a message of incurable optimism through his art, Alistair wanted to do the same through his music.

Awareness Week 2011

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