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Shortened Stories (2016)

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The Shortened Stories campaign worked to raise awareness of the devastating impact of motor neurone disease. This fatal and still incurable condition kills more than a third of people within a year of diagnosis, and more than half within two years.

By working with those affected by the disease, artists and filmmakers brought to life three stories that have been or would be cut short by MND. We asked you to help us write the next chapter in the fight against the disease, by raising awareness, raising funds to support research towards a cure, and growing our voice on campaigning for improvements in care.

The campaign included a micro-site which featured the stories, and we also shared a blog written by 23-year-old Beth about her Dad, Ron, his journey with MND and the impact on her and the rest of the family.


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Key Messages

If you would like to know more about the impact of motor neurone disease (MND) take a look at this infographic.

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