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Call for Nominations: International Alliance Advisory Council

The International Alliance of ALS/MND Associations, of which the MND Association is a member, is recruiting for an  advisory council* to provide recommendations to the Alliance Board of Directors. The advisory council will help the Alliance consider the opinions and ideas of those affected by MND and the Association has been given the opportunity to put forward our nominations to be considered for the council.

The advisory council* will be made up of five people from across the globe, three living with MND and two current carers who will be appointed for a year. The council will be tasked with specific goals and will be asked for input on relevant Alliance issues, for example, Selection of Humanitarian Award recipients and creation of the annual Global Day campaign. The council may decide to meet at any time, as necessary, to generate responses and it is likely that all meetings will be by teleconference given the difficulty of travel for those affected by MND and the International scope of the council.

Those who are nominated for the council will need to have an understanding of the Alliance’s mission, vision, objectives, strategy and operations. They also cannot be a paid member of staff of an Alliance member association (such as the MND Association), another ALS/MND-centric organisation, or a profit making organisation that provides products or services to those affected by MND and not a member of the Alliance’s Board of Directors.

We would like to give those living with MND and those who are caring for someone the opportunity to put themselves or others forward for nomination (if you are nominating someone else please ensure they agree to this and fill in their details on the form). Those who have been nominated will then be looked at by a panel of staff from the MND Association and a limited number will be put forward for consideration by the Alliance. The Board of Directors of the Alliance plans to notify nominees after 5 April and launch the advisory council before 1 June. We will let all those who send nominations to us know if they have been put forward to the Alliance or not.

To be nominated by the MND Association, you must be living in England, Wales or Northern Ireland. Please make sure your nominations are sent by the closing date at Midnight on 2 March 2018, any nominations received after this date will not be considered.

Nominations are now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry.

*The advisory council comprises of People Affected by ALS (PALS) and Carers for ALS (CALS) and is known as “PCAC” for short.


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