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More councils across England, Wales and Northern Ireland adopt the MND Charter

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Since reaching a milestone of 60 councils adopting the MND Charter in December, four more councils have agreed to adopt the MND Charter, which sets out the care and support that people living with MND and their carers deserve and should expect.

Torfaen Council in Wales adopted the MND Charter on 19 December, and pledged to raise awareness of MND and of the MND Charter, and do everything they can to positively influence the quality of life for local people with MND and their carers living in the community. The motion was unanimously agreed, and can be found in the minutes of the full council meeting.

Councillor Anthony Hunt of Torfaen Council is pictured below with George Watkins and Judith Rice from the South East Wales branch.

Torfaen Council adopt MND charter

Shortly after, on the 20 December, Nottingham County Council agreed to Champion The Charter, after being approached by local volunteer Alison Pickard. A report was submitted to the Council’s Policy Committee, where it was agreed.

On the 8 January 2018, Mid and East Antrim Borough Council became the 4th council in Northern Ireland to adopt the Charter, after a motion put forward by Councillor Timothy Gaston and seconded by Councillor Ruth Wilson was passed.

Council members are pictured below, after the adoption of the MND Charter was agreed.

Nottingham County Council adopt MND charter

Bradford council then became the 64th council to Champion the Charter on 16 January. The motion was put forward at a full council meeting by Councillor Nicola Pollard, and seconded by Councillor Reid. Bradford Council agreed to adopt the MND Charter, and also stated that MND has impacted on valued colleagues within the council chamber, therefore the council has seen its devastating effects and will work alongside partners to achieve the aims set out in the Charter.


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