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Invite your MP to attend an APPG meeting on Personal Independence Payment (PIP) for people with MND

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Last year, the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on MND launched an inquiry into access to Personal Independence Payment (PIP). The APPG has now released the report ‘PIP and MND: Is the benefits system failing people with motor neurone disease?’.

On 21 March 2018, the APPG on MND will meet to discuss the problems people face accessing PIP, discuss the inquiry findings, and look at the urgent actions that are needed to improve the PIP process for people with MND.

MPs need to know that issues like this matter to their constituents, and are more likely to attend the meeting if you ask them to. With your help we can make sure we get as many MPs as possible attending and to help raise their awareness of this important issue.

Make sure your MP goes to this important APPG meeting in Parliament on 21 March by sending them an email today!

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More information on PIP

PIP is a key benefit for many people with MND of working age, and provides vital financial help at a time when many are forced to give up or reduce their work due to the impact of their condition.

Life with MND is tough enough without having to worry about finances and navigating a benefits system that is clearly failing them. Accessing PIP is extremely challenging and distressing for many people with MND, as the system is difficult to navigate and slow to respond, along with the problems faced during assessment and reassessment.


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