Types of wheelchair for MND

Motor neurone disease (MND) is a progressive neurological condition that can cause, among other symptoms, muscle wasting and fatigue. This can lead to mobility problems, including difficultly walking. As the condition progresses, most people with MND will need to use a wheelchair.

Each person will be individually assessed for the type of wheelchair they need. A wheelchair for someone with MND should be able to meet their current and future needs as the condition progresses. This will usually mean selecting a high specification wheelchair with a range of functions and postural supports.

It may be that these functions and supports aren’t fully used when the wheelchair is provided, but over the course of disease progression they become essential for the continued use of the wheelchair. Ordering a chair in this way prevents the need to keep changing the wheelchair and ordering parts, which can result in being a step behind someone’s needs.

Someone with MND may be assessed as needing more than one type of wheelchair.

Watch the video below to find out more about selecting the right wheelchair for someone with MND.

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