What does the drug do?

Increased levels of cortisol have been seen in people living with MND. High levels of cortisol can increase inflammation and be toxic to nerve cells, which are associated with MND. Dazucorilant blocks the glucocorticoid receptor, which normally binds to cortisol. Blocking cortisol from binding is thought to limit the consequences of increased cortisol exposure and potentially help slow disease progression. In pre-clinical animal models, Dazucorilant was found to improve motor performance, reduce neuroinflammation and muscular atrophy. 

Phase 2 - DAZALS

DAZALS aims to investigate the safety and efficacy of Dazucorilant in 198 people living with ALS. It is a double blind, placebo control trial where participants will either receive the treatment or placebo (in a 2:1 ratio) for 24-weeks. The trial is also investigating different doses of Dazucorilant, so those who are enrolled in the treatment group will receive either 150 mg or 300 mg (in a 1:1 ratio). Participants who complete the trial will be able to continue into the open-label part of the trial, where all participants will receive the treatment for 24-weeks.

The trial is currently in set up in the UK. We will update this page with trial sites once the trial has begun recruiting.

Latest News

Jan 2023 - The trial begin recruiting in the Netherlands.

Last updated 13/02/2023

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