Driving MND Research

driving mnd research

The MND Association is the biggest charity funder of focused MND research across the UK - in 2019 £4.1 million of the money raised by our supporters was invested in vital research into the causes of, and treatments for, motor neurone disease.

At the end of 2020, the MND Association had a research grants portfolio consisting of 85 grants with a total value of just over £14.6 million. 21 of the grants awarded – with a combined value of around £1.7 million - were new, reflecting our investment in progressive research.

What that money currently funds

  • 28 Biomedical Project Grants 
  • 14 Healthcare Project Grants (two in partnership with Marie Curie) 
  • 1 Special grant to the University of Oxford 
  • 13 PhD Studentships (Biomedical and Healthcare)
  • 4 Clinical Fellowships (funded in partnership with the Medical Research Council) 
  • 8 Non-Clinical Fellowships 
  • 17 Small Grants 

And that’s just the most recent investment in research. The Association’s commitment to understanding MND and relentless search for treatments is now in its fifth decade. We will not stop until we have achieved our vision – a world free from MND.

You can also read more about the research we fund on our MND Research Blog.

An international network

Through our ongoing grants programme, the Association’s own experts are in regular contact with around 170 investigators and scientists in the UK – key people on the frontline of the fight to identify the causes of MND and to find possible treatments and, eventually, cures.

At the same time, the Association’s influence extends internationally. For the past 31 years the Association has facilitated the biggest platform for MND research collaboration in the world – the International Symposium on MND/ALS. From a gathering of 40 specialists in 1982, the Association-organised event has grown year on year, been hosted by countries around the globe and welcomed the brightest minds in MND research. Last year, the pandemic forced the MND Association to entirely reshape the Symposium into a virtual event. As a result, we recorded the highest attendance ever with 1800 delegates from 48 countries registering.

Enabling collaboration

As part of our commitment to people with MND, the Association funds 22 care centres and networks across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. As well as providing the very best multi-disciplinary care to people who are living with MND, those care networks are at the forefront of research, recruiting people who wish to be involved in clinical trials, gathering data, and sharing information and knowledge.

Of course the Association also has a critical role to play in joining the dots – linking our members to researchers; sharing the latest information; and targeting the money you work so hard to raise at the most promising research.

How you can get involved in MND Research

Our ‘Take part in research’ page on our website lists research opportunities in the UK that you can get involved in.

As well as clinical trials, this includes studies that will help to improve support to people living with MND and their families and increase our knowledge and understanding of the disease.

You can also sign up to our research participation mailing list to receive emails about new research opportunities.

If you’d like to donate directly to support research, the best way is to become a Cure Finder

For further information and support contact our MND Connect helpline

mndconnect 0808 802 6262