FACTOR-MND: understanding factors affecting MND family carers’ wellbeing

Understanding the factors affecting the wellbeing of carers of people with MND

This study aims to understand better how the experiences of being a family carer for someone living with MND impact the carers’ wellbeing. With a particular interest in how family carers emotionally manage the changes that MND might bring to everyday life. This research aims to help us learn how to better support family carers of people with MND.

What does taking part involve?

If carers decide to take part in the study, they will be invited to participate in an interview about their experiences of caring for the person they support and how they are coping with changes in the person living with MND and in their daily routine.

With their permission, the interview will be audio-recorded if held face-to face or video-recorded if held online. Carers will be able to switch off the camera if they wish to do so. The researcher will ask questions about their experiences of caring, and carers do not have to answer any question that they do not want to. They can stop or pause the interview at any point.

The interview will be held either face-to-face or online, depending on the carers’ preference and the possibility of travelling. If the interview is held face-to-face, the interview can be held at a place carers prefer: at their home, or any other appropriate place they would feel comfortable. In that case, travel expenses will be paid. It is estimated that the interview will take 45-90 minutes.

Study location

UK-wide (remote)

Who can take part?

  • Participants must be a relative currently supporting someone diagnosed with MND (family carer).
  • Participants must have capacity to consent for themselves.
  • Participants must be at least 18 years old.
  • Participants must have conversational English


How can I take part?

Participants who wish to take part can either:

Email research@uea.ac.uk for further information.
• Call on: 07825 863389 for further information.
• Leave their contact details and the research team will contact them

Researcher: Ana Paula Trucco


MND Scotland

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