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Our Strategy

Our vision is a world free from MND and we are committed to playing a key role in the history of ending MND. The MND Association has over 30 years of experience in funding the most promising research into this condition, which has resulted in us becoming a leader in the identification and funding of cutting-edge MND research both within the UK and across the world. We have a research strategy that aims to promote research into the causes, treatments and a cure for MND.

We are currently in the process of writing up our new research strategy, which will be available in early 2018. 

Our current research strategy focuses on seven overarching themes:

1: Identify causes of MND

Through funding we will contribute to identifying new causative, susceptibility and disease-modifying genes, which will lead to the discovery of mechanisms that trigger and alter the progression of MND.

2: Generate and validate new disease models

Through funding we will deliver new disease models to the research community. Appropriate models will be used to test new therapies.

3: Identify disease markers

Through funding we will contribute to the identification and validation of MND ‘fingerprints’ called biomarkers, to speed up the diagnosis of the disease and can be used in research to test the effectiveness of candidate drugs.

4: Develop the research workforce

We will be able to demonstrate the impact of our funding in strengthening the basic and clinical research base throughout the UK, through the increased number of quality researchers and specialist centres involved in MND research.

5: Improve clinical research and care management

We will be able to demonstrate the quality of the research we have funded, through its incorporation into clinical practice. We will be recognised by statutory services as a leading authority in commissioning healthcare research and implementing research outcomes.

6: Facilitate knowledge exchange and knowhow

We will implement new methods for rapid and effective dissemination of research knowledge and information between funders, researchers and people affected by MND.

7: Strengthen our partnership and influencing activities

Through our funding, partnership, influencing and campaigning activities, we will be recognised as a leading authority in MND research, invited to shape the optimum conditions for MND research to be carried out in the UK and beyond.

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