Understanding living with tracheostomy ventilation for MND

To understand more about living with tracheostomy ventilation with MND, the benefits of it and the implications it may have on quality of life

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Lead Investigator: Dr Eleanor Wilson

Lead Institution: University of Nottingham

MND Association Funding: £121,617

Funding dates: April 2022 - March 2024

About the project

Supporting breathing via a tube in the neck (Tracheostomy Ventilation – TV) is not often used by people living with MND in the UK when compared to other countries. This project aims to explore and better understand the realities of living with TV. This will be done by completing interviews about the experiences of daily living with people living with MND who have TV, family members and healthcare professionals. This project will help provide updated information for patients and families and may enable greater choice about their care. Additionally, it will help contribute to national guidance and training for healthcare professionals

What does this mean for people living with MND?

This study will provide more evidence about living with tracheostomy ventilation which can be used to help those with MND and their families to make informed decisions about future care and strengthen discussions about the use of this type of ventilation in MND.


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Project code: 968-794