Regional Care Development Advisers

Regional Care Development Advisers are experienced professionals with a background in health or social care. On average, they each cover an area of approximately 2 million population.

The role of the Regional Care Development Adviser

1. To work with local health and social care staff to improve the services for people with MND and their families locally

2. To educate and raise awareness about MND by, for example, organising training and study opportunities for health and social care staff, and working with managers to influence the way services are provided

3. To ensure that people with MND and their families receive support and information they need through Association Visitors (AVs). RCDAs may be able to put people affected by MND in touch with an AV or other local support networks.

4. To offer support and advice to people affected by MND. If you are unsure of the RCDA for your area please contact the MND Connect team. We would also encourage you to contact this service if the RCDA is not available.

What you can expect from your Regional Care Development Adviser

  • detailed knowledge about motor neurone disease and its effects
  • knowledge about health and social services in your area and MND Care Centres
  • free and confidential support and advice that is tailored to meet your individual needs at the time you request it
  • knowledge of how the Association can help you
  • information about the support that is available in your area by Association visitors and/or support group meetings
  • signposting to other services and other sources of help
  • information about other sources of help, advice and support that may be available in your area
  • acceptance and respect for your choices and wishes

How to get in touch with your Regional Care Development Adviser

You may directly contact your Regional Care Development Adviser by telephone or email below. Alternatively the Regional Care Development Adviser can be contacted on your behalf by MND Connect or your local branch or group contact.

List of Regional Care Development Advisers

For further information and support contact our MND Connect helpline

mndconnect 0808 802 6262