About Boston

Welcome to Boston, Massachusetts – a quintessential blend of colonial history and cutting-edge innovation. From the charming cobblestones of Beacon Hill and revolutionary landmarks of the Freedom Trail, to the iconic grounds of Harvard University and Fenway Park, Boston is a showcase of Americana.

There’s plenty to see and do in Boston. Treasures and exhibits abound in the city’s famed museums and when it comes to shopping, there are plenty of boutiques, department stores and brand name outlets to cater to everyone from fashionistas to window shoppers. Theatre marquees are lit year-round and the city’s music scene hits all the right notes from classical to rock and every genre in between. If you love sports then you won’t be disappointed: as a spectator or a participant, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Boston’s dining options are dynamic and delicious and restaurants present signature dishes made from the freshest local ingredients. New restaurants and old favourites cater to every palate and budget. Contemporary cuisine, traditional New England fare with a few twists and an eclectic mix of international and ethnic dishes make for exceptional dining.

Boston is a cosmopolitan hub where tradition and innovation interact every day. From bygone trails and artefacts to fringe theatre, from inspirational architecture to dining on local fare, from the old masters to the new brew masters, there’s something for everyone.