Abstracts online

The abstracts for the platform and poster presentations are published in the Amyotrophic and Lateral Sclerosis and Frontotemporal Degeneration journal supplement and can be downloaded from the Taylor and Francis website (volume 18, S2 November 2017).  The abstracts are available open-access and free to download. See below for individual PDF documents.

Platform Presentations

Sessions 1-11

Session Author Index
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Poster Communications

Theme 1: Genetic and genomics
Theme 2: In vitro experimental models
Theme 3: In vivo experimental models
Theme 4: Human cell biology and pathology
Theme 5: Epidemiology
Theme 6: Biomarkers
Theme 7: Electrophysiology
Theme 8: Imaging
Theme 9: Clinical trials
Theme 10: Therapeutic strategies
Theme 11: Improving diagnosis, prognosis and disease progression
Theme 12: Cognitive and psychological assessment and support
Theme 13: Respiratory and nutritional management
Theme 14: Multidisciplinary care and improving quality of life

Poster Contents page
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Work in Progress

Abstracts for Biomedical and Clinical work in progress are available as a single PDF document. These are not published as part of the journal supplement.

Biomedical and Clinical Work in Progress abstracts


Some of the posters and presentations  from the last symposium (Dublin, 2016) are saved on the F1000 Open Research publishing platform.