Plenary speakers

Every year, we invite a number of plenary speakers who are experts in their respective fields. Their talks complement the Symposium sessions by providing a coherent overview on a variety of topics across the ALS/MND research and clinical management spectrum.We are pleased to announce that the following researchers will be presenting at the 29th International Symposium in Glasgow:

Prof Ammar Al-Chalabi

King's College London, UK

'Defining ALS/MND - The Big Debate'

Prof Gian Domenico Borasio

Lausanne University Medical Centre, Switzerland

'Wishes for hastened death in ALS: How should we as clinicians respond?'


Prof Robert Brownstone

University College London, UK

'Beyond molecules: Could circuit pathophysiology contribute to pathology of motor neuron diseases?'


Prof Michael P Coleman

University of Cambridge, UK

'Mechanisms of axon degeneration and their relevance to ALS/MND'


Prof John F Cryan

University College Cork, Ireland

'The microbiome, the immune system and brain function'


Dr Dorothee Dormann

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany

'Connection between nucleocytoplasmic transport and protein aggregation in ALS'


Dr Luc Dupuis

Université de Strasbourg, France

'Energy metabolism defects in ALS'


Dr Loyal A Goff

Johns Hopkins University, USA

'Single Cell Biology as a tool to explore neurodevelopment and neurodegeneration'


Prof Orla Hardiman

Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

'Defining ALS/MND - The Big Debate'

Prof John Hodges

University of Sydney, Australia

'The ALS-FTD spectrum: Diagnosis and management'


Prof Matthew Kiernan

University of Sydney, Australia

'Defining ALS/MND - The Big Debate'

Prof Robert Miller

Norris ALS Center, USA

'Defining ALS/MND - The Big Debate'

Prof Mieko Ogino

International University of Health and Welfare, Japan

'Wishes for hastened death in ALS in Japan: The need for culture-sensitive answers'


Prof Mahesh Parmar

University College London, UK

'Improving outcomes as rapidly as possible for patients: Multi-arm, multi-stage platform, umbrella and basket protocols'


Prof Jeffrey Rosenfeld

Loma Linda University School of Medicine, USA

'Defining ALS/MND - The Big Debate'

Prof Giampietro Schiavo

University College London, UK

'Axonal transport as a therapeutic target'


Prof Christopher Shaw

University College London, UK

'Gene testing for all? Supporting patient decisions in the post-genomic era'


Prof Dame Pam Shaw

University of Sheffield, UK

'Fitness, exercise and ALS'


Prof Tara Spires-Jones

University of Edinburgh, UK

'The role of synapses in neurodegeneration'


Prof Clive Svendsen

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, USA

'Modelling ALS using induced pluripotent stem cells combined with organ on chip technology'


Dr Sean T Sweeney

University of York, UK

'Identification of a pro-apoptotic signalling cascade in FTD-ALS models'


Dr Wendy Susan Wall Johnston

University of Alberta, Canada

'MAiD in Canada: Legalization of medical assistance in dying has changed the discussion of WTHD in ALS'


Prof Sir Ian Wilmut

University of Edinburgh, UK

'Cloning, stem cells and regenerative medicine'