Poster prize winners

To celebrate the high quality of clinical and biomedical posters presented by early-career researchers during the symposium, the MND Association presents the International Symposium on ALS/MND biomedical poster prize and clinical poster prize.

The winners (clinical and biomedical) of the poster prize are announced during the Joint Closing session of the Symposium, where the winners are presented with a certificate and an engraved glass paperweight.

One prize is given for the clinical poster and one for the biomedical poster.

Winners of the 2017 Poster Prize

Brian and Katerina

The winner of the Biomedical Poster Prize is Ms Katerina Placek (University of Pennsylvania, USA) for her poster 'Genetic factors associated with frontal disease in ALS: neuroimaging and neuropsychological evidence' (GEN-34).

Brian and Mehdi

The winner of the Clinical Poster Prize is Dr Mehdi Van den Bos (University of Sydney, Australia) for his poster 'Imbalance in cortical inhibition-excitation networks underlies the development of cortical hyperexcitability in ALS' (ELE-05).

Shortlisted candidates 2017

This year, seven abstracts in each category were shortlisted for the 2017 poster prize. See the list of shortlisted candidates below.

Biomedical Poster Prize candidates
Clinical Poster Prize candidates