Poster prize

To celebrate the high quality of clinical and biomedical posters presented by early-career researchers during the symposium, the MND Association presents the International Symposium on ALS/MND biomedical and clinical poster prize.

The winners of the poster prize are announced during the Joint Closing session of the Symposium, where the winners are presented with a certificate, engraved glass paperweight, and from 2018, they will also be offered a free space at the upcoming Symposium. One prize is given for the clinical poster and one for the biomedical poster.

Criteria and eligibility

Who can enter?

For the 2018 prize, presenting authors aged 35 years or under on 6 June 2018, or within three years of their PhD award are eligible to enter their abstract for the poster prize during the abstract submission process. The eligibility criteria apply to the person presenting the poster during the poster prize judging at the Symposium.

If the presenter does not qualify, the poster will not be considered for the prize. Please see the poster prize competition criteria (in the conditions of acceptance) for full details.

How is the competition judged?

Initially, the abstracts will be assessed on the quality of their content to generate the clinical and biomedical poster shortlists.

The shortlisted posters will be viewed during the Symposium, and assessed based on the poster contentdesign and layoutpresentation of the poster and the presenters’ ability to answer questions, before the judges make their final verdict.

Poster Prize winners 2018

This year, the judges really struggled to only choose one winner in each category due to the impressive work of all shortlisted candidates. For this reason, two prizes were awarded in the biomedical competition. Learn more about the Poster Prize and the work of this year's winners in the video below:

Biomedical Poster Prize winners

Fleur Garton, University of Queensland, Australia
'Cell-free DNA as a biomarker for ALS' (BIO-15)

Yuri Ciervo, University of Sheffield, UK
'Adipose Derived Stem Cells for cell therapy of Motor Neuron Disease' (TST-15)

Clinical Poster Prize winner

Harry McDonough, University of Sheffield, UK
'A novel impedance spectroscopy for the assessment of tongue musculature in ALS' (IMG-10)

Biomedical Poster Prize winner

Fleur Garton

Biomedical Poster Prize winner

Yuri CIervo

Clinical Poster Prize winner

Harry McDonough