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The more who join our silence,
the louder our voice

More than a sponsored silence. Silence Speaks challenges you to find other ways to communicate

This year, stop talking and let silence help people affected by MND.

We tend to take our voice for granted, but some don’t have this luxury. One of the most worrying and devastating aspects people with MND face is losing their voice.

Help us raise awareness by standing in solidarity with the thousands of people living with MND who have difficulty speaking.

It’s simple. Choose a date and duration. How long will you stay silent? The longer your silence, the more donations you’ll receive. Don’t fancy doing it alone? Get others involved – it’s more fun in a team!

Become a fundraiser and get sponsored for supporting people living with MND who experience speech loss.

Set up your own JustGiving page, and share it across your social media pages. You might have to stay silent but your friends and family can spread the word for you! Your donations could help develop more advanced communication aids for people with MND.

Take part in your own way

How to get started

For further information and support contact our MND Connect helpline

mndconnect 0808 802 6262