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Financial advice for MND

The benefits system is complicated, but as a carer you may be able to claim Carer's Allowance and other help. It is also likely that the person you are caring for will be able to claim various benefits such as Disability Living Allowance (DLA).

Claiming can be difficult and time-consuming. We have provided several information sheets to help guide you, as shown under Information for download below. This includes guidance about your options if you are in work and struggling to balance your work hours with the demands of caring.

We also provide a comprehensive guide for family carers, covering a wide range of practical and emotional support, called Caring and MND: support for you. This is available in print only and can be ordered from our advice, information and support team MND Connect.

They will also be able to supply you with a printed leaflet on DLA called Don't DeLAy, with advice on how to claim.

For personal advice, please contact MND Connect, or your local Citizens' Advice Bureau (CAB),or a local carers' organisation.

Current government guidance on benefits and entitlements is provided online at their website Direct Gov and you can contact the Benefits Enquiry line on: 0800 882 200, textphone 0800 243 355, email

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