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Carers financial guidance and benefits

As a carer you may need to consider your own financial circumstances when caring for an individual with MND. You may be entitled to claim some form of government benefit. If you are eligible, the amount and type of benefit will depend upon individual circumstances.

The MND Association Information sheet 22A - benefits and entitlements will give you further details (also see Further information below).

There are different benefits which you may be entitled to.

  • Carers Allowance.
  • Carers Credit.
  • Carers Premium.

Information can be found at the website or the Carers Allowance Unit. Contact details:

England, Wales and Scotland
Telephone: 0845 6084321
Text phone: 0845 6045312

Northern Ireland
Telephone: 028 9090 6186

How to apply

  • You can claim Carers Allowance online or contact the Carers Allowance Unit (details above).
  • To claim Carers Credit visit the website and download the claim form, or contact the Carers Allowance Unit (details above).
  • To claim Carers Premium visit the NHS website.

Benefits calculator
You can use the benefits calculator on the following websites to give you an initial idea if you are eligible for any type of benefit:

Further information
We also provide a comprehensive guide for family carers, covering a wide range of practical and emotional support, called ‘Caring and MND: support for you’. This is available in print only and can be ordered from our helpline MND Connect. Telephone 08457 626262 or email You can also get further guidance and support from our helpline.

Alternatively, you can contact Carers UK at, telephone: 0808 808 7777.

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