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Useful organisations and internet sites

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“Knowing who you can contact and where to begin asking is a great advantage.” Person affected by MND

We do not necessarily endorse the organisations listed here and cannot take responsibility for the content on external websites. However, we try to ensure that they are a reliable source of information to help you start your search for further information on a range of relevant subjects to MND. If you are a carer, see our useful organisations for carers page. If you are a young person affected by MND, see our support for children and young people page. Select from the following to find out more.

Daily living with MND
Travel and transport
Symptoms, therapies and treatments
Claiming benefits and social care
Planning ahead for future care
End of life and bereavement
Other useful organisations
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For further information and support, contact our MND Connect helpline:
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See our online forum for support and sharing with others affected by MND:
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