Here you can find more information about the projects we are funding that are developing the treatment pipeline. Click on a project to find out more information and what the project means to a person living with MND.

These projects aim to turn the most promising scientific discoveries into potential new treatments. New treatments that have been proven safe and effective by all other methods are then carefully tested in people.

PRELUDE clinical trial

Prof Ammar Al-Chalabi

Development of an SRSF1-targeted gene therapy for C9orf72 MND/FTD

Dr Guillaume Hautbergue

Development of RAR class ligands for treatment of MND

Prof Peter McCaffery

MND Association and LifeArc Joint Collaborative Partnership- United2EndMND - Phase 1

Prof Ammar Al-Chalabi and Prof Chris McDermott

Developing a novel cell therapy approach to restore lost muscle function in MND

Dr Barney Bryson

Developing and testing a new gene therapy approach for TDP-43 associated MND

Prof Pietro Fratta

MIROCALS: Efficacy and safety of low-dose Interleukin-2

Dr Gilbert Bensimon

Developing an AAV gene therapy for mutant FUS MND

Dr Younbok Lee

The role of TBK1-dependant immune signalling pathways in MND

Dr Valeria Gerbino

MND-SMART clinical trial

Dr Suvankar Pal

Analysis of candidate compounds for drug repurposing in MND

Prof Kevin Talbot/Dr Emily Carroll

Assessing the dosing and effectiveness of compounds targeting TDP-43 aggregation in MND

Dr Mark Baker

Development of new compounds to help target faulty SOD1 protein as a potential treatment of MND

Prof Samar Hasnain

Developing a new gene therapy as a tool to rescue TDP-43 related gene changes in MND

Dr Puja Mehta

Gene activity in MND: from disease mechanisms to treatment opportunity

Dr Carlo Rinaldi

Investigating membrane lipid rafts as a therapeutic target in ALS

Dr Tobias Moll