MND care centres and networks

Since 1990, the MND Association has developed a number of MND Care Centres and networks across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

They improve the support and co-ordination of services for people living with MND as well as promoting effective, integrated working between health, social, research and voluntary sectors.

They do not replace an individual's existing care team, but work in partnership with them to promote and develop effective service delivery.

Other hospitals and MND

Not everyone attends an MND Care Centre, as various hospitals around the country provide an effective service for people with MND and are more accessible.

If you are in any doubt about where you can receive care and support, your MND Connect will be able to help you.

Out of hours services

If you have any problems outside normal working hours contact your GP's out of hours number for health related problems or the Adult Social Care Emergency Duty Team or social care concerns.

MND care centres:

  • are based in Regional Neuroscience Centres
  • have a dedicated MND clinic
  • have a dedicated single point of contact for people with MND
  • have access to a multi-disciplinary team
  • build up expertise in the management of MND
  • have strong links with local community services
  • have strong links with the MND Association
  • spread expertise across the region through:
  • education
  • sharing good practice with other colleagues in the community
  • undertake clinical research
  • are the location for clinical drug trials

Find support in your area

MND care centres and networks by region

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