Our supporters and people affected by MND can write or amend a simple or mirror Will for free using our Will writing service via The National Free Wills Network.

This is a great opportunity to ensure your family is protected and your wishes will be followed, without having to worry about the costs involved

Request your free Will writing information pack

How does it work

  1. Request your free Will writing information pack and complete the online form
  2. Our partner, The National Free Wills Network will send you a Will-writing pack by post or email with a list of your local participating solicitors
  3. Make an appointment with your chosen solicitor and work with them to write or update your Will.
  4. There's no obligation to include a gift to the MND Association in your Will but, after your loved ones are taken care of, we would be grateful if you could give it some thought.


What is The National Free Wills Network?

The National Free Wills Network have teamed up with local solicitors across the UK and some of your favourite charities to make it easier for you to write your Will. Having an up-to-date Will prepared by a solicitor is the best way to ensure that your future wishes will be carried out. It is also the perfect way to leave something to help the charity continue their vital work for generations to come, though there is no obligation to do so.

139 charities are involved in The National Free Wills Network, along with 808 solicitors, who offer the charity a reduced rate to write a simple Will for the charities' known supporters. All solicitors act exclusively in the interests of their client and not the charity.

You can find out more information about The National Free Wills Network here.

What type of Will can be written?

The MND Association is offering a limited number of simple or mirror Wills to be written by a participating solicitor through The National Free Wills Network. It also includes the update of an existing Will. A simple Will is defined by each firm of solicitors and may vary. If a more complicated Will is required, the simple element remains free and the solicitor is entitled to ask you to pay the difference.

Who can use our free Will service?

We are offering this service to any of our supporters who are thinking about writing or amending their Will. There is no restriction on age to take advantage of this service.

What if I have accessibility requirements?

The National Free Will Network will endeavor to locate a solicitor that meets your needs. 

When requesting your free Will writing information pack you will be asked if you have any accessibility or communication requirements, please provide us with details and a member of our team will contact you if any additional information is needed.

Do I have to leave a gift to the MND Association in my Will?

There is no obligation to include a gift to the MND Association in your Will to use this service.

What will my information be used for?

By completing the form below you agree to the MND Association passing your details onto the third party managing this offer, The Free Wills Network, who will send you a list of your local participating solicitors by post or email. 

For more information on how the Association treats your data, please see our privacy policy.


Image Ian, pledger and wife.

Gifts in Wills make the impossible possible


pays for detailed analysis of the DNA of someone with MND - helping researchers better understand the causes of the disease and identify potential treatment


funds one year of advanced data-processing and storage for research projects involving ‘multiomics’ of individual cells, generating and analysing a high level of advanced data


of a £400,000 estate funds an MND healthcare research project for a year, which aims to improve quality of life and care for people affected by MND

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