Here you can find more information about the projects we are funding that are understanding clinical progression. Click on a project to find out more information and what the project means to a person living with MND.

Developing a detailed understanding of how the disease manifests and progresses in humans to ensure that fundamental laboratory research can be clearly linked to the ‘real world’ events occurring in people with MND.

Developing Motor Unit MRI as a diagnostic tool for MND

Prof Andrew Blamire/Dan Baxter-Beard

Neuroimaging and neurochemical biomarkers of brain ageing in MND

Dr James Cole/Ayodeji Ijishakin

Development of MND prognostic biomarkers based on brain function

Dr Roisin McMackin

Using machine learning to find ALS and FTD sub-groups

Dr Ahmad Al Khleifat

Developing a home-based stimulation-free motor unit number estimate in MND

Dr James Bashford/Judith Bilgorai

Identification of non-coding RNA biomarkers for MND

Prof Majid Hafezparast

Developing remote monitoring tools for assessing disease progression in MND

Dr Emma Hodson-Tole/Nina Mitic

Investigating individualised effects of low-dose interleukin-2 throughout the MIROCALS Clinical Trial

Prof Janine Kirby

Investigating connectivity between the brain and muscle in MND

Dr Lara McManus

Characterising TDP-43 protein aggregates to identify biomarkers of MND

Dr Rebecca Saleeb

NECTAR – Screening component of AMBRoSIA

Prof Pietro Fratta/Prof Janine Kirby

Traumatic brain injury and Motor Neurone Disease (T-MND)

Prof William Stewart

Profiling Immune Responses to Low-Dose IL-2 in MND

Prof Timothy Tree

Investigating the export of micoRNAs in extracellular vesicles in FUS MND and FTD

Professor Rob Layfield

Defining the relationship between lipids, statins and the risk of sporadic and familial MND

Dr Alexander Thompson