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Find the latest MND care, research and campaigning news together with reader’s heart warming stories in our quarterly magazine, Thumb Print.

Inside the Spring edition of Thumb Print…

I wanted to try my best for all those people who have MND
Read how children are turning personal experience into action

The lasting legacy of a blood sample
10 years on how our DNA bank is a vital resource for MND researchers

Fireman helped give Jason back his voice
The details on how to bank your voice for the future

How we can help you
See a diagram showing all the ways we can help

Prescription for the Neuro Wheelchair
Take our prescription to your assessment

Planning for precious moments
People with MND share their tips for going on holiday

Thumb Print - Spring 2017Thumb Print – Spring 2017

Read the latest edition of our quarterly magazine packed full of stories, news and information about the MND Association.

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