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Markers of disease progression

There is currently no diagnostic test for MND and no specific ‘biomarker’ to monitor the disease. These projects aim to find a marker of disease progression to speed up diagnosis, prognosis and disease monitoring of MND. Read the latest news on biomarkers in MND on our MND Research blog.

An asterisk (‘*’) next to a title marks the research projects that directly involve animals.

Biomedical projects

Micro RNAs as a biomarker of disease progression (839-791)*
Development of confocal endomicroscopy for MND research (838-791)*
Looking for non-coding RNA biomarkers in the blood and CSF (836-791)
A Multicentre Biomarker Resource Strategy in ALS: AMBRoSIA (972-797)
How do genetic variations affect biomarkers? (NECTAR) (974-797)
TDP-43 dependent non-canonical RNAs in ALS patient samples (853-791)


Developing the Biomarkers in Oxford Project (944-795)
Using surface EMG recordings to measure muscle fasciculations (947-795)
Development and validation of a new combined approach for tracking the progress of MND (966-799)

Last updated: 1 October 2017

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